The name of Thomas Peters has become a synonym for Franz Schubert symphonies. The love to music came from his parents. His mother played the piano and his father was keen on jazz. There was an atmosphere of endless holiday with smooth motif of artistic idyll, where music played the major role.

"Since my childhood I have been in love with rhythmic music. Those sounds made my heart beat faster, it became my air and I could not live without it" Thomas admits.

By the age of 11 he had possessed dozens of discs with soul, red-blooded funk and pert jazz. In 1996 Thomas first tried DJing. At that time electronic music with its fresh sound and exclusive compositions at clubby parties were gaining popularity. Thomas played a mixture of Techno, Acid and Deep House literally blowing crowds with his rhythms. His further dedicated DJing was inspired by that stunning success.

His heart up desire to express his attitude to the world, to share emotions with dancing people, to soak them into his universe were the things which helped him not to stop and carry on creating!

Thomas worked hard and a lot to make his own style, experimenting with different styles of music. His cultural becoming was influenced by such leaders of world music industry as Carl Cox, Tom Novy, Ian Pooley, Derrick Carter, Carry Chandler, Boris Dlugosch, Todd Terry, David Morrales,, Paul Johnson, Kenny Dope, Purple Disco Machine, Daft Punk and others.

In the early 2000 he became one of the few Russian DJs who promoted intelligent dance music. Later he became a presenter in weekly show called "Intelligent Club" held in loft ILI. During those shows he cleverly mixed modern interpretations with remixes of well-known compositions. Not stopping for a split second made Thomas the darling of the people. All the best city clubs have opened their doors for him: Absinth, Onegin, Decadance, Arena, 7SkyBar, Aquarel, Propaganda are among them. He was never afraid of experimenting sometimes risking. That is why Thomas became one of the first DJs who began to mix with not two but three turntables at once. Many were amazed by that perky and extravagant manipulation of sounds.

"I always play the music I like and dish it out in my own way" says Tomas.

According to Thomas beliefs any professional DJ or musician has to have his heart, energy and love in the music he plays or creates, as music is the only universal language of mankind, which doesn't demand learning or translation.

"My aim and the main task is to try to unify as many people as I can around the world. I create atmosphere and mood, I send the audience on a journey of enjoyment of life and positive emotions…."